How To Learn Trickshots in Badminton - Part Two

In this 4-part series you learn how to build up the shots and integrate them into your play. While the 1st part gave you an overview of the series and an idea on how to get started, this part deals with details of the learning process. Enjoy!

Mistakes and errors are not some kind of tragedy in the learning process but play a vital role in the  process itself. This is especially true when learning trick shots in Badminton.

So the most impotant thing: create a good learning atmosphere that encourage your players (or yourself) to accept and to do mistakes. Without mistakes your are not practicing at your limit or on the stroke limit. This limit is very important in Badminton feint shots - because what you are looking in the trick shot itself is four different things:

a) to show the feint shot (the wrong shot for the opponent) as early as possible

b) to show it as long and as clear as possible

c) to not show the actual played shot in a manner that is obvious for the opponent and

d) to begin it as late as possible (so that it is difficult for the opponent to react in time).

Try to see these elements in the following video and then scroll down for more instructions:

How to speed up the learning process?

Three things:

1) Don't spend two much time with only one stroke (see here for more (filling up step by step - get information about new videos via the newsletter) as playing trickshots is more an ability then single diffrent techniques. This will speed up your learning in the longterm!

2) Use only known stroke combinations for the trickshot, otherwise it might be three things at once you want to teach or learn. If your stroke repertoire is still low, combine the whole thing (as seen in part one, video one): practice the single strokes and then the combination.

3) Watch the video again? Why this? While watching in a concentrated manner, you are already learning. Don't just watch the video. Watch it deeply! Try to imagine yourself doing the stroke, try to imagine at what time you hit the shuttle, what time you play the decpetion. This will speed up the process, guaranteed!

Hope you enjoyed this part of the trickshot-tutorial - stay tuned for part 3 and 4 in october 2018!

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