Badminton Technique - Develop short Badminton racquet movements in the front court

Short racquet movements are necessary at high level Badminton because less time requires shorter and faster movement and additionally shorter movements inherited the possibility of shots that are more difficult to anticipate by the opponent.


Much is already said in the introduction. The few things to add are the actual technical execution of the stroke. The exercises in the video only contains forehand side. But independent of the side and actual stroke in the front court the main thing here for me is minimizing both active and passive back swing of the Badminton racket. Second thing is the set-up of the player in the deep lunge. This is not chosen by accident. In a higher more upright position it is of course easier for the player to execute and concentrate on the arm movement, but doing it in a deep lunge positiv is both challenging both from a physiological and mental point of view. As a Badminton coach you have to integrate these clever at certain point in the players development - for sure it will payout in their carrier. Enjoy the video!


Diemo Ruhnow

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