Badminton Technique - How to learn Badminton Trick Shots

Most people who watch Badminton are impressed by trick or feint shot, even used by top players like Lin Dan, former Taufik Hidayat and Peter Gade - but found it difficult to learn and execute them, even in training. The following video shows a real life example how trick shots in Badminton could be teached.

To learn complex skills, it often helps to break them down into their pieces. Badminton feints (often also called deceptive shots) can almost every time be broken down into two parts. Part one is the actual action where the opponents should be tricked into another corner or where the opponents footwork rhythm is broken, and the actual shot that is placed somewhere into the Badminton court. Action one („the feint“) could consist of different parts or movement. It could be an actual stroke or even sometimes two, but also can be some different action performed by the player to trick the opponent (e.g. strong hip rotation in a Yong Bo drop or over fast footwork to the shuttle to show the opponent a possible hard hitter shot).

If you break every trick shots down into these parts, it is much easier to learn them. The only thing you as a coach but of course mainly the player, is to cope with the actual time pressure occurring even in the feeding - learning situation. Simply said, the player has to execute two or three actions where most players are normally used to only execute one movement. This is an important fact, as this causes stress to most beginners or even more experienced players that are not familiar with trick shots. As a coach it is important to encourage executing the first part of the trick shot as best as possible and then care about the second part of it. Working the other way around will no lead to satisfying results as the main focus is here to create a deception.

In the following video - you can have a look into the training process with a under 11 player, working on the deception of a backhand cut drop net shot and a played cross net drop shot. Enjoy!


Diemo Ruhnow

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