Footwork & Running Technique in Badminton

VIDEO – Badminton Footwork in the Rear Court for Beginners – Part One
This article gives an example, how the correct movements skills for moving backwards into the rear court can be teached to beginners. Four exercises are presented to show a possible way of introducing Badminton specific footwork to both beginners and/or young children.
VIDEO – Badminton Footwork into the Rear Court for Beginners – Part Two
The second part of Footwork into the rear court deals with the scissors jump and the combination of the elements of the first part of this small series.
VIDEO - Exercise progression for a fluent footwork rhythm
If we look at Lin Dan or also at the Vice-World-Junior-Champion Xue Song and compare them to players of other countries one of the most apparent difference is their fluent and economic footwork.
Badminton Glossary: Explanation of the most important Badminton terms – Part III
As beginner or even as an advances player or coach some terms used by other players or coaches are sometimes leaving question marks. This Three-Part-Series covers most of the terms used. Part II covers Badminton footwork.
VIDEO Multi Shuttle for Singles Done Differently
The coach usually feeds multi shuttle whole court exercises with the racket – however feeding by throwing from the same side of the court can be pretty valuable.
VIDEO Moving Better on Court – Part 2: Footwork Rhythm
A lot of talk about footwork is often held about technique as in patterns, explosive starting, quick corrective steps and fast recovery from the corners. Often overlooked but more important is the right timing of footwork or footwork rhythm.
VIDEO Moving Better on Court – Part 1: Starting to the Shuttle
Starting is a natural movement. However in Badminton there are different situations and also different types of players who might require different patters of starting or pushing to the shuttle. This article shows how to teach them.
VIDEO Lateral Footwork in Badminton
Good lateral movement on court is a key component in Badminton single and Badminton double. The following exercises shows a possible way of working on and emphasizing lateral movement on court.
VIDEO - Badminton Footwork: 2 Different Footwork Techniques for the Rear Court Forehand Side
The right footwork is the most important thing to learn in Badminton - most of the mistakes made or the shuttles not reached is to improper movement on the court. This articles present some insight into that and shows to ways of moving into the rearcourt forehand corner.
VIDEO - Footwork principle "Lead with the Badminton racket"
The most important thing in Badminton training is footwork. Without proper movement on the court, one will not be able to reach the shuttle and to execute good Badminton stroke technique even when reaching the shuttle but also will produce easy mistakes even in good positions on the court.
VIDEO Badminton Footwork: Quick First Step for Fast Start in Badminton
Badminton is all about moving fast to the next shuttle - a quick first step is so far essential for a good start towards the shuttle. This video shows a beginner exercises to get the feet moving!
VIDEO Badminton Footwork: Defense like the Top Players
If we look at top players like Lee Chong Wei - probably the best example for this video - and their defense, we often see them "diving around the court". In this video Jakob Hoi, former head of Badminton Germany, now head coach Badminton England, presents how this defense works and could be teached to juniors.
Badminton Footwork: Optimal Starting Timing in Badminton (Korean Exercise)
Starting in Badminton has not only to do with the right footwork technique, foot quickness or explosiv power but a lot with an efficient footwork rhythm. A small piece of that is the optimal timing for the start.
Badminton Footwork: Working with many Players on One Badminton Court
Organizing whole court footwork in a training session could be tricky as usually there are far more players than courts and also feeding could be kind of a problem. This video shows how 8-10 players could easily organized on 2 courts using only 1-2 feeders and working on footwork to three different corners.
Badminton Footwork: Explosiveness & Quickness on Court
Being fast is as important as being an efficient mover on the Badminton court. A good single player has not only to show good specific movements, but also has to be able to sprint sometimes longer distances on court while still show good control of the shuttle at racquet impact.
Badminton Footwork - Work on Footwork Rhythm for Smooth Defensive Footwork in Badminton
Good running or footwork technique is the most important yet most overlooked part in Badminton training. Especially in defensive situations it is not only important for moving well and economically but to survive the pressure from the opponent.
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